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Audyllic is a Software as a service (SaaS) that enables the reduction of dynamic range (the ratio between the loudest and softest sounds) for speech and music audio files such as podcasts, adverts for insertion into podcasts,  e-learning and audio books making listening in noisier environments (particularly the car) much less difficult and a more pleasant experience.

Audyllic - powered by Optimod technology


Upload your audio file

Users will still get 2 hours of free processing time per month, and can buy more time if required


Process your audio files

Make listening, using the legendary Orban ‘Optimod’ audio processing technology.


Publish your Audio file

High quality audio welcomes the listener and doesn’t distract them from the content of the show

Don't lose your hard-won audience!



Your audience doesn’t listen to podcasts in a near perfect audio environment such as your studio, they listen at home, at work, in cars, in gyms or outdoors on headphones, where there’s often some background noise.

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Audyllic using Optimods algorithms (which incorporate an intelligent speech recognition engine) to -16dB LUF will measure between -18 and -23 RMS, and so pass the ACX test! Try it at ACX Lab and see!

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With Audyllic you can access Optimod’s pro-audio techniques for less than the price of a coffee!

Audyllic is an online platform that processes audio files using a professional grade audio processor, Orban’s Optimod so that listeners experience a smoother, more consistent and easier to listen to experience. It gives that professional sound to audio files, and the much lower cost of doing so can be added to the project budget as needed rather than having to buy hardware or software.

Audyllic will also adjust your loudness to the podcast standard of -16 LUF.

Audyllic focuses on doing one job well – It is not an audio ‘Swiss army knife’. (While they’re very versatile and do lots of things, they don’t do one specific thing better than any other tool).

How to use the service? Helpful answers!

Do I need to register again for version 2.0?

Users who registered on V1.0 will have to re-register for version V2.0 onwards.

Do I have to compress the file before uploading?

For Best results do not compress or limit your audio file before using Audyllic, loundess normalising to between -16 and -23LUFS is ok though.

Do I need a credit card for registration?

Register a user account using an email, password and an optional phone number. (No payment or card required).

Audyllic is free?

Audyllic is currently free to use until November. After then, users will still get 2 hours of free processing time per month, and can buy more time if required (contact us for more details).

How do I upload the sound file?

Once logged in, select a preset from the drop down menu, either browse for your audio on your local computer, or drag and drop it on to the ‘upload’ icon , and click ‘upload’.

Which file is ideal to upload?

For best quality, use 16 bit or 24 bit linear PCM WAV files at 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz or 192 kHz, but if you like, you can upload MP3, AAC, M4A or floating 32bit WAV files.

How do I download the file?

Once the file is complete, you can click on the download icon that appears on the dashboard -(No need to stay on the page or website once the file has started processing.

Does it save over my original file?

No. The processed file will have the suffix ‘_processed’ appended to the filename.
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