Let every word be heard.

If you are a podcast producer you will know all about fading sentences, indistinct words, jarring changes in voice tone or sudden loud laughs or words!

Your audience doesn’t listen to podcasts in a near perfect audio environment such as your studio, they listen at home, at work, in cars, in gyms or outdoors on headphones, where there’s often some background noise.
All these issues see listeners reaching for the volume control or rewind button.

If this happens too often you may lose your hard won audience!

Audyllic is simple to use and processes your podcast at around 6x faster than real time. (so a half hour podcast takes around five minutes to process)

With Audyllic you can access Optimod’s pro-audio techniques for less than the price of lunch!

What we Do

Using Audyllic, you can now access ‘Orban‘ audio processing for your WAV files, using the legendary ‘Optimod’ audio processing technology.

It is a sophisticated audio processing system used by many of the top radio networks globally for the last four decades, to enhance their sound and ensure sustained listen-ability giving vocals that ‘professional sound’.

It controls the dynamic range and spectral balance to make it easier and more pleasant to listen to , as well as making the audio more intelligible, especially in environments such as in the car, at work, or other places with background noise.

It will control sudden changes in volume without the commonly heard artefacts such as ‘pumping’ and ‘breathing’  found with less sophisticated dynamic range control systems or programs.

It will also adjust the loudness of the file to the standard -16 LUFS required for most podcast platforms

For Best results you should use ‘clean’ audio – Don’t compress or limit your audio file before using Audyllic

How to use the service

  • For Best results do not compress or limit your audio file before using Audyllic, (normalising to -23LUFS is ok though)
  • Register a user account using an email, password and a phone number.
  • Your user name will be your the email you registered with. You can now log in with your registered username and password.
  • 1 credit is required for each MB processed (1 minute is typically about 10MB in 16 bit 44.1 KHz stereo)
  • 1000 free credits will be automatically allocated to your account, enough for well over an hour.
  •  Once logged in, select a preset from the drop down menu. browse for a WAV file on your local computer, and click ‘upload’.
  • Formats accepted are 16 bit or 24 bit linear PCM WAV files at 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz or 192 kHz (we recommend 16 bit – DON’T save as 32 bit floating, you’ll just get white noise).
  • On the dashboard you will see an orange message showing the file has been successfully uploaded, and processing is underway.
  • Once the file is complete, a blue message will appear on the dashboard -(No need to stay on the page or website once the  file has started processing)
  • A red message will appear on the dashboard if you have insufficient credit
  • If required, you can click on ‘buy credits’ at the top of the page on the user portal. The cost of credit is €1 per 100 credits, available in multiples of 100, 500 ,1000 and 5000. (contact us for bulk purchase prices)
  • When complete, go to ‘Audio Files’, you can click on the processed file to download it back to your local computer. – The processed file will have the suffix ‘_out’ appended to the filename.
technology powers Audyllic

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Register your account at the top of the page, and instantly receive 1000 free credits, enough for over 1 hours processing.

If you have any questions or feedback or would like more information fill in your details below or email