About us

What is Audyllic?

Audyllic is an online platform that processes audio files using a professional grade audio processor, Orban’s Optimod so that listeners experience a smoother, more consistent and easier to listen to experience. It gives that professional sound to audio files, and the much lower cost of doing so can be added to the project budget as needed rather than having to buy hardware or software.

Audyllic will also adjust your loudness to the podcast standard of -16 LUF

Who are the intended users?

Audyllic is designed primarily for podcasters and audio production studios, but is useful also for audio books and tourist guides, as well as allowing music producers to hear how their mix will sound on the radio.

What do you need to use Audyllic?

All you need to use Audyllic is a method of saving your audio as a PCM WAV file (at any commonly used bitrate or sample rate – however we recommend 16 bit 44.1 or 48 Khz), or an MP3, AAC or M4A file, You also need an internet connection and web browser.

What do you need to use Audyllic?

Ideally you should not use any other form of compression on your mix. It is primarily intended to be applied to the final mix, but you can process individual elements if you do not intend to process the finished file. It is also ideal for elements such as promos and commercials that you need to upload to your podcast provider: this will ensure the main podcast loudness is the same as other elements, which often they are not. We suggest you mix to the broadcast standards of -23 or 24 LUFS, then export your final podcast to Audyllic which will set the output file to -16 LUFS. You can check the loudness of a file here

What changes does it make to my Audio files?

The processed WAV audio file is exactly the same size and length as the input file, but has the suffix ‘_processed’ appended to it. All metadata is left intact.

How long does the process take?

Audyllic processes your audio file approximately six times faster than real time, so a half hour podcast can get that professional sound in around five minutes. You do not need to stay on the page logged in while the files is processing, but if you do, you will see a progress bar and a ‘Download’ button will appear when it is ready. To download it, just click on the button and save to your PC as you would normally save any file in your web browser.

How much does it cost?

Currently the service is FREE

How do I get started?

You can start right away by registering on our user portal, once that is done will be able to immediately upload your audio files for processing with Audyllic

What we Do

Using Audyllic, you can now access ‘Orban‘ audio processing for your audio files, using the legendary ‘Optimod’ audio processing technology.

Optimod is a sophisticated audio processing system used by many of the top radio networks globally for the last four decades, to enhance their sound and ensure sustained listen-ability giving vocals that ‘professional sound’.

It controls the dynamic range and spectral balance to make it easier and more pleasant to listen to , as well as making the audio more intelligible, especially in environments such as in the car, at work, or other places with background noise.

It will control sudden changes in volume without the commonly heard artefacts such as ‘pumping’ and ‘breathing’  found with less sophisticated dynamic range control systems or programs.

It will also adjust the loudness of the file to the standard -16 LUFS required for most podcast platforms